What's New In 2018 From EPM!

February 8, 2018


I should start this off by telling you all that, for the passed seven months Escape Plans Michigan has been under new ownership. "By whom?" You may ask. Well it is two of the original actors from the Michigan branch of Trapped in a Room with a Zombie, when it came to Detroit back in 2014. Their names are irrelevant at this point, if you happen to meet us... erm them, ahem, then you will really come to understand the embodiment of what Escape Plans Michigan represents!


So, aside from the formalities, let me tell you, the zombaes, what is here in 2018 for you all to enjoy!


- Gift Cards

          Have you already experienced all that we have to offer and want someone else to have            the same experience? Or perhaps you're looking for an EXCITING birthday present?                Now you can purchase Gift Cards for your friends or family to redeem whenever they've            had enough of JUST watching the walking dead, they can experience something similar!


- Showtimes Five Days A Week

          That's right, just like it says, we are running multiple public shows Wednesday through              Sunday! Now public doesn't mean pop in whenever you please. We do not handle cash            on hand, we need you to book your tickets in advanced from our ticketing page. 

          Otherwise! Enjoy being trapped in a room for an hour, five days out of the week!


- Discount Wednesdays

        We felt it was necessary to give you working stiffs a break in the middle of the week. So            please enjoy an interactive escape room experience for $8 off our normal price! Only                applicable to public showtimes listed on our ticketing page for Trapped in a Room with a            Zombie.


- Groupon Deals

        Speaking of discounts, we're providing a "Deal for 2" and a "Deal for 4" through                          Groupon's services. Payment processing and promotion codes are handled through                  Groupon. Once a promo code is received from Groupon, upon checkout of our ticketing            page you will be prompted to enter a promo code under your total, your Groupon code              will cover all costs from our ticketing system. Groupon codes are also only applicable to            public showtimes.




In addition to all this good stuff we've brought to you zombaes for the year to come, we've revamped our website to look COOL! At least I think so. We're adding more images that match the aesthetic of what our rooms general feel is. If that makes sense? Anyways, I hope you all enjoy yourselves and get more theater in your life, because that's what I like to think of us as, an "live-interactive-theatrical-experience!" Good day zombaes!

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What's New In 2018 From EPM!

February 8, 2018

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